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214 sutter street
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Our store in San Francisco turns over pounds and pounds of licorice every day - the result to you is that our licorice is the freshest on the market. Most of our licorice is either from Holland or Australia although we use the British company, Bassets, for our 'Licorice Allsorts' as it remains the best!

Dutch Licorice Chalk: Looking decidedly like chalk, this is a sweet white candy coating a soft licorice center. A present for teacher?

Licorice Drops: The traditional dutch drop. It is hard and dry shell with a softer (but not too soft) center.

Australian Strawberry Licorice: Bite size twists of the authentic Australian Strawberry licorice. Delicious!

Brown Sugar Licorice: Straight from Holland, this is a phenomenon you must sample! Called Griotten in Holland, this is a brown sugar coated licorice flavored marshmallow. Original and delicious!

Apehead Licorice: Only the crazy dutch licorice lovers would think to create a banana and licorice combo in the shape of an ape's head! This is a fun and fabulous sweet.

Licorice Allsorts: Created in England when a candy salesman dropped his licorice collection and liked the end result! We only stock Bassetts --- the original and still the best!

Licorice Pastelles: A soft sugar coated Dutch specialty --- perfect for those of you who prefer your licorice soft and sweet.

Candy Coated Licorice: Lots n lots of colorful candy coated licorice goes into every bag. Again, being Dutch, this loses none of it's authentic licorice flavor in spite of the candy coating.

Licorice Cats: A harder black licorice in the shape of a cat. This is for those who you who like chewier licorice (or cats?)

Australian Black Licorice: Delicious bite-size twists of soft, chewy black licorice. One of the most popular of our licorice varieties and safe for non-connoisseur, black licorice lovers!

Australian Mango Licorice: Soft, chewy mango flavored licorice in bite-size twists that are delicious and not too sweet!

Salted Farmhouse Licorice: Darling, farmhouse-scenery shaped pieces of Dutch, black licorice with a salty kick! Are you daring enough to try them? )