Chattanooga – The Boogie to My Woogie

My Favorite Place 

Chattanooga isn’t only my birth place. It’s the place that I have gone through every stage of my life in. It’s the place where my strings are so strongly attached to. It’s the place I have grown in, loved, hated, enjoyed, and created within. Heres just some of the top things that I figure to be the attracting features.

  1. Society

I enjoy the people here a lot. Everyone for the most part is very friendly, and the vibes are very laid back even in the busiest parts. If you are ever visiting Chattanooga and need directions, I am willing to bet that any average pedestrian would be more than happy to help you out. Not that TN is one of the nicest states in the world…it is pretty close in my honest opinion.


The well-known Walnut Street Bridge is just as good, if not better than it looks in photographs. I have had the lucky privilege of personally photographing the bridge, but I don’t have hold of the pictures on this laptop. I will be sure to share those in the future! The bridges is very peaceful and has a beautiful park on one end. This park is one of the strongest of my childhood memories.

3. Lookout

Speaking of childhood memories, the Lookout Mountain is another one of them. It has a gorgeous flowing waterfall with an extremely great view of the proposed 7 states. Including all the states flags and all that other wonderful “interesting” history stuff. I say this sarcastically, but I actually really enjoy history.

4. Fishes

This has suddenly turned into a mini travel guide, but I’m loving it. Next up on the list is the Tennessee Aquarium. I don’t have much to say about it personally other than the fact that it was the first zoo-like experience I ever had as a child. Maybe I can whip out the scrap books one day and share some old photographs from this place. ¬†The aquarium is full of a vast variety of salt and fresh water creatures. Fish is about as far as I will go in any zoo industry. I feel terribly bad for these majestic animals being kept in cages and fed with a stick their entire life. I’ve never been to a real zoo, but I probably never will. Maybe a sanctuary one day.

Nonetheless that my half-assed travel guide for my home city. I hope you liked my personal spice and awkward childhood memories haha! Feel free to recommend what I share next or leave a comment, and let me know where your hometown is as well as what you like most about it.

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